Biz-M-Power Grant!

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Support Heather Beck Designs' Dream of Full Casting & Studio Upgrades

Hi, I'm Heather Beck, your friend and local custom jeweler in Easthampton, MA! Over the last several years, I've been growing my business with a focus on custom wedding rings, engagement rings, and power objects. A big part of that work is done through transforming my client's heirloom jewelry into new pieces, which I call Legacy Jewelry. This process can involve melting the metal for new casting, extracting precious stones for new settings, or both! I'm currently using a casting company in Rhode Island to cast my work. With your help and a 2:1 grant match from the MGCC, the dream of casting my work in my own studio can become a reality! This will translate into quicker turnaround times for custom work, exciting new avenues for creativity, and and an expanded selection of class and workshop offerings, including lost wax casting for current & future students. 

Wouldn't it be cool to see your heirloom gold melt away its old life and transform right in front of your eyes? We think so too! That is why we need your support. It's a joy to make work and teach for a living, and your help will mean my business can expand and continue to flourish for years to come! 


How You Can Help

All donations will go directly toward our new casting setup, electrical & ventilation work, the above mentioned tools & equipment and improved workspace for group workshops. Your donations will be DOUBLED by a generous 2:1 grant match by the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation! Your dollars stretch farther and we grow exponentially with your help. 

The Biz-M-Power crowd granting program is an incredible way to make our dreams come true and we would love your help in reaching our goal!  Please donate generously and spread the word by sharing our campaign on social media. Send your friends the link with the easy share buttons on this page  <3 

Thank you so much for your love and support. Giving at Any Level counts!