Upcoming Library Workshops

Library Workshops 2023 + 2024

Please contact the libraries directly to sign up!

Library workshops are free to the public with the generous help of Friends of the Library and Grant Funding



November Reading Public Library Nov 9th Bookmarks (15) teens Arrive at 4 Wkshp 5:00-6:30 Packed up by 7
Worcester Public Library Claire Laprade
470 West Boylston Street
Francis Perkins Branch
Worcester, Massachusetts 01606
United States

Nov 13th

Copper Keychain Making
Arrive at 2:30 for setup
Wkshp: 3:30-5pm (8) Teens
Packed up by 5:30pm

Leominster Public Library Nov 16th (15) adults bookmarks Arrive at 5:30 Wkshp 6:30-8pm Packed up by 8:30
Forbes Library - Northampton Nov 18th (15) Adults Arrive at 1pm Wkshp 2:00-3:30pm Packed up by 4pm
Wilbraham Public Library
Rachel Hapgood
25 Crane Park Drive
Wilbraham, Massachusetts 01095
United States

413-596-6141 ext. 136
Nov 28th Ornaments Arrive at 4pm Wkshp 5-6:30pm (15) teens packed up by 7
Scituate Library Kate Jasinski Nov 29th Ornaments Arrive 3pm Wkshp1: 4:00-5:30pm (15) Teens Break Wkshp 2: 6:30-8pm (15 Adults) Packed up by 8:30pm
Boyden Library Nov 30th Bookmarks Wkshp 1: Teens 4-5:30 (15) Break Wkshp 2: Adults 6-7:30 (12) Packed up by 8
December STUDIO ORNAMENT WORKSHOP Dec 1st 6:30-8pm (8 students)
Clapp Memorial Library
Cyndi Harbeson
19 South Main Street
PO Box 627
Belchertown, Massachusetts 01007
United States

413-323-0417 ext. 701
Copper Bookmark Making
(24) students
December 5th 2023

I will arrive at 2:30pm
Class 1 Teens: 3:30-5pm (12)
Dinner break
Class 2 Adults: 6:30-8pm (12)

Packed up by 8:30pm
Gleason Public Library: Adult Programming
Jennifer Pike
22 Bedford Road
Carlisle, Massachusetts 01741
United States

(978) 369-4898
Copper Ornament Making
15 adult students
December 7th 2023

Arrive: 5pm
Class: 6:00-7:30pm
Packed up: 8pm
Maynard Library Sally Thurston
77 Nason Street
Maynard, Massachusetts 01754
United States

(978) 897-1010
DEC 9th Sat Ornament Making (15) adults Arrive: 9:30am Wkshp 10:30-12pm Packed up by 12:30
Haverhill Library Rachel Gagnon 99 Main St, Haverhill, MA 01830 Dec 11th Monday Arrive at 3pm Wkshp1: 4-5:30pm (12 teens) Break Wkshp2: 6:30-8pm (15) adults Packed up by 8:30pm
Sherborn LIbrary Copper Ornament Making Dec 13th (12) 11+ Intergenerational Arrive at 2:45 Wkshp: 3:45-5:15 Packed up by 5:45
Norwell Public Library Dec 20th 2023 arrive at 2:30 wkshp: (12) teens 3:30-5pm. Packed up by 5:30
January 2024 Plymouth Public Library Jan 10th 2024 Arrive at 12pm
Wkshp 1-2:30pm (10) Teens
Packed up by 3pm
February Berlin Public Library Sara Foster Feb 7th 2024 Arrive at 3pm
Wkshp: 4-5:30pm
Packed up by 6pm
Hanson Public Library Julia Nee Feb 22nd 2024 Wkshp 1: 3:00-4:30 Teens (15) Dinner Break Wkshp 2:6:00-7:30 (15) Adults Packed up by 8pm
March Leverett Public Library March 2nd 2024 Saturday
Arrive 12pm
Wkshp: 1-2:30pm (15) Teen - Adult Students
Packed up by 3:00pm
Blackstone Library Mandi Whipple March 7th Keychains arrive at 3pm Wkshp: 4-5:30pm (15) Teens packed up by 6pm
April Topsfield Town Library Roz April 16th !

arrive at 2:30pm
Wkshp 1: 3:30-5pm (12) Teens
Dinner Break
Wkshp 2: 6:30-8pm (12) Adults
Packed up by 8:30pm
Whitman Public Library David Aronson April 17th 2024 Arrive at 2:30 Wkshp 1:3:30-5 (15) teens Break Wkshp 2: 6-7:30 packed by 8
Leominster Public Library Renee Wheeler (childrens) & Nadia (teens) April 18th 2024 arrive at 9am
Wkshp 1: 10am-11:30 (15) 10-12yr olds (Renee Wheeler)
Lunch break
Wkshp 2: 1:00-2:30pm (12) Teens (Nadia Friedler)
Packed up by 3pm
Northborough Public Library Eric Wang April 20th 2024 Arrive at 10am
Wkshp 11:00-12:30pm (15) Adults
Packed up by 1pm
July Richard Sugden Library Spencer, MA Denise Farmosa July 15th 2024 Arrive at 5pm Wkshp 6-7:30pm (15 adults) Packed up by 8pm
Westhampton Public Library Emily Wayne July 17th 2024
Arrive at 2:00pm
Wkshp 3-4:30pm (15 teens)
Packed up by 5pm
Flint Public Library Felicia Gminski July 24th 2024
Arrive at 2:30pm
Wkshp: 3:30-5pm (12) Teens
Packed up by 5:30pm
Rockland public library Erin McCollough 20 Belmont st. Rockland, MA 02370 July 25th 2024
Arrive 2pm
Wkshp: 3:00-4:30 (15) Teens
Packed up by 5pm
Wilbraham Public Library Rachel Hapgood July 30th 2024 Arrive 4pm Wkshp:5-6:30 (15 Teens) Packed up by 7pm
Aug Blackstone Library Mandi Whipple August 6th 2024 Arrive at 2:00pm for setup
Wkshp 1: 3:00-4:30pm (15) Teens
Dinner break
Wkshp 2: 6:00-7:30pm (15) Adults
Packed up and leaving by 8pm