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Custom wedding jewelry should reflect your personal taste and be infused with your unique love story. This is one such story that I wanted to share with you! Meet Beth and Dan Chelotti, guided together by fate and the stars. We started a conversation and it turned into something wonderful!
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 Dan & Beth's Story

Photo by: Amy J Grigg Photography


In Seattle on the morning of the day we met, we each wandered around the fish market as solitary people enjoying the world. That afternoon, a tarot reader asked Dan "Who is this woman? This dancer?" and he said, “There is no woman!” And there wasn’t. Not for a few more hours, at least.


We fell in love that night, and we drove the long distance between us to see to that love. Beth was living in Rhode Island and Dan was living here in western Mass. Eventually Beth moved to the valley.


We often walk down Pleasant St. to grab a beer in the Hideaway Lounge in Easthampton. When Heather tended bar there, we always looked forward to seeing her smiling face behind the bar. She once put Beth’s beer down and said, “Here you go, Princess Buttercup.” She is one of the friendliest bartenders and all around joyous people we've ever met. We were amazed when she showed us some of her metalwork.


When we were planning our ceremony, we thought a lot about a magic wand we'd once carried out from a walk in the woods. We knew we wanted to imbue our wedding ceremony and marriage with that same magic. To figure out how to do this, we needed a magician. Heather was the perfect choice. She helped us talk through ideas, and excitedly accepted the birch branch we provided for inspiration.


The result is our beautiful white gold wedding bands that Heather lovingly created to resemble birch bark. We treasure them. They are precious to us. It is a great responsibility to wear these magic rings forged in the fires of Heather Beck’s studio - and it is a responsibility we tend to with joy.

Thank you, Heather!!!


Beth and Dan Chelotti 

Easthampton, MA 

Photo by: Amy J Grigg Photography

Photo by: Amy J Grigg PhotographyPhotos  by: Amy J Grigg Photography



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